Follow up on Test scenarios

Note! This report will be deprecated.

This report will be deprecated in Q2 2023.

Are you using Test scenarios in Engage? Excellent!

This report can be really helpful when you want to analyze the outcome of your Test scenario. A Test scenario is created via the segment builder and can be used to manually perform tests between a maximum of five different groups.

Read more about Test Scenarios here

Start by picking your Test scenario and select the time frame you want to measure (1-6 days or 1-2 weeks from the date you pick). Choose between following up on all sales, sales in physical stores or sales in e-commerce.

These are the results presented for each Test group:


    • Total number of contacts
    • Received email
    • Opened email
    • Clicked in email
    • Received SMS/Swipe
    • Have made purchases

Calculated metrics (Effect data)

    • Total number of respondents
    • Purchases per respondent
    • Average receipt
    • Total sales

It is possible to extrapolate values in test groups to get comparable results.

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