Is it time to analyze your email campaign? In all message reports, you start by choosing which time to measure. If you make no choice, data for the current year will always be displayed.

Purchases based on message

The report shows which items are most purchased connected to a particular email. The difference between this report and the effect measurement, which is presented in the view for the actual email, is that this report shows what has been purchased while the effect box shows that they have made a purchase - regardless of which products are on the receipt.

Purchases based on message sent through automations

This report works in the same way as "Purchases based on messages" but for emails sent via automations. 

Delivery report

The report visualizes delivery data for actively sent mailings in the selected filtering (not emails in automation). If you are an administrator, you see delivery data for all emails, given that they have status = sent and are not transactional. A local user only sees the emails that they have created and those that are linked to one's store(s). You can filter the report by time span and email data.

Link Report

Presents the most clicked links - total and unique. The report can be filtered over time, on different contact data (such as target group, gender, age) and unique email send-outs.


If you want to receive richer email statistics at an aggregated level, we recommend that you use the export function for email under the administration tab.

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