The reward reports show the current status per reward payment, where the primary purpose is to show how many of your customers actually use their vouchers.

Note: these reports are available to those who have an active reward points model.

Are your numbers not as good as you'd like them to be?

If the value is low, our recommendation is to implement activities that aim to increase the understanding of your customer's available rewards. This way, you increase the perceived value of the program.

In the report, you keep track of everything from the redemption rate, outstanding points, points to convert and the number of vouchers to convert into voucher value.

Reward liability report

This report is very useful for the finance department, as it shows the current voucher liability—which can be used as an accounting item. It presents the total voucher liability at each month-end. The calculation takes place at each month-end and until the report shows a zero result. Customer-unique runs are not possible on other dates.

Note that the reward liability report is only applicable for reward models through a tabled model.


Metrics Definition
Number of redeemed vouchers Number of valid vouchers redeemed during the month.
Number of vouchers issued Number of vouchers created during the month
Number of expired vouchers Number of vouchers expired during the month
Number of points to convert Number of points convertible to vouchers as of today, based on the lowest point level for conversion to voucher check. The calculation is based on your rewards model.
Redeemed vouchers in currency Value of redeemed vouchers during the month
Expired vouchers in currency Value of vouchers expired during the month
Vouchers issued in currency Value of vouchers created during the month
Value of earned vouchers in currency (points liability) The value of earned points if a reward calculation was performed now. The calculation is based on settings for your reward model.
Liability Total value of active vouchers created in currency + points liability in currency
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