Introduction to standard reports

The standard reports in Engage give you access to data that can help you get an understanding of your customers' activities.

The results in the reports give you insights about your current situation and where there is potential for improvement. To process and perform deeper analysis, it is possible to export customized data to Excel via the Engage export module.


Most reports can be filtered by time and segmented and broken down into categories such as articles and prices. The reports only show the data that the logged-in administrator has access to. A local administrator can therefore only see contacts and purchase data that belongs to their store(s) regarding the customer’s preferred store.


All reports are run once every 24 hours, at night. This also applies to the calculation of target group data, which means that the result for a newly created target group is available the following day. The result per report can always be exported to Excel for further processing.

Pin stats to your dashboard 

Creating your own dashboards is a flexible way of monitoring reports to match your different needs and purposes. Populate the dashboard with report widgets visualizing the relevant data and set the filters and layout for easy comparison of the numbers. Read more here.

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