How do I manually import contacts to Voyado?

Import contacts using CSV-files

CSV is a file format created in Excel. When you save your file in Excel make sure to save as CSV (Comma delimited) and that the file is formatted correctly with headers and columns.

We recommend labels 🚩

Add a column in your excel file with the header "Label" and update all rows with a suitable label name before you save it as CSV (Comma delimited). This enables you to very easy find your new contacts in Voyado and cross-check the result of your import (when you're done cross-checking you can delete the label).

Step-by-step guide

1. Upload file

Go to Administration > Export/Import > Import contacts in the main menu.

Upload your file and select which contact type to import (mandatory fields for your contact type will determine if the file can be imported). Click next.

2. Indicate how to interpret the contents of the file

You usually don’t need to make any changes but if you are on a Mac computer you might have to change the text encoding-field, most likely to “UTF8”, for the content to be interpreted correctly. Check if your data looks correct. Click next.

3. Check field mapping

Check if the column names in your file are mapped to the correct fields in Voyado.

Select if your contacts should be updated or ignored if the key match (for example if a contact in Voyado with the same email already exists). If you choose to tick the checkbox “Update existing contacts if the following keys match: XXX” the file will write over the existing fields in Voyado. Click next.

4. Cross-check and import

Take a final look and proceed with the import. You will get a notification on the number of updated contacts and the number of new contacts.

Things to keep in mind

  • The CSV-file needs to have a column that can be mapped with the key for the contact type. If you are importing new contacts to Voyado and your key has a serial number format (for example a member number) the key field should be left empty.
  • Phone numbers shall always begin with country code or +. Phone numbers without a country code will be interpreted as as a phone number from your standard region.
  • Gender shall have the format Male/Female (with a capital letter) or be left empty. Please note! This field shall not be included if your settings allows the Personal identification number to set the age of the contact automatically.
  • A Swedish Personal identification number can be 10 or 12 figures, with- or without dashes and a Finish Personal identification number can be 11 figures, with- or without dashes.
  • The date of birth shall be 8 digits with dashes (for example 1995-12-07).
  • The recruited store shall be stated with the stores external ID. When you import contacts with recruiting store, the favorite store in Voyado will automatically be set as the same store. The column name for recruited store has to contain "ID" for it to work properly. You can for example name the column "store ID".
  • The country affiliation shall be stated as the following examples: SE, FI, NO
  • When importing multiple values in one field (for example labels) separate them with semi-colon (label1;label2;label3).
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