Changing a customer's Regular store

The Regular store can be registered in two different ways

  • Registration based on transactional history
    The Regular store is updated every night based on new registered transactions. If no transactions are registered, Voyado will automatically select the recruiting store as the Regular store.

  • Manual registration
    You can manually select and change the Regular store for each contact and/or use this guide to bulk edit multiple contacts.

This guide is mainly applicable if you don’t have access to transactions in Voyado. When the Regular store is based on transactions it's often based on our RFM-model and shouldn’t be changed manually except if one of your stores shut down for good.

Contact support if you close down a store and want us to help you move contacts to a new regular store. If you want to do it yourself, feel free to use this guide but don't forget to delete the closed store when you are done, otherwise your contacts will be moved back when the RFM is calculated the next time.

How to change the Regular store for multiple contacts

1. Create your export

Go to Administration > Export in the main menu and choose Create a new export

  • Select the Regular store you want to move contacts from.
  • Select a contact type (for example member or contact). You can only choose one specific contact type for each import so if you want to move multiple contact types you need to repeat this guide for each contact type.
  • Click next and make sure the fields we need in the export are selected, the Regular store and the primary key for the contact type (the key is usually the personal identity number, member number, email address or phone number). Feel free to ask our support team if you are unsure!

2. External ID

Look up the ExternalID of the store you are moving your contacts to.
Go to Administration > Stores in the main menu and look up the store that you are moving your contacts to. Copy the stores ExternalID.

3. Prepare your file

Open the exported file in excel and make the following changes: 

  • Change the column name Regular store to Regular store ID.
  • Change the store name from the old store to the ExternalID you copied in the last step. Make sure to change all rows.
  • Add a new column with column name Label. Come up with a unique label (i.e. ChangedStore) and insert it to all rows in the column. This will make it possible to validate the results of your import later on.
  • Save file as type CSV (Comma delimited).


4. Import the file in Voyado

  • Go to Administration > Import/Export > Import contacts in the main menu. Upload your file and select the contact type you have exported. Click next.
  • Indicate how to interpret the contents of the file. You usually don’t need to make any changes but if you are on a Mac computer you might have to change the text encoding-field, most likely to “UTF8”, for the content to be interpreted correctly. Check if your data looks correct. Click next.
  • Field mapping. Make sure the column names in your file are mapped to the correct fields in Voyado. “Member number” should be correct from start but Regular store ID must be redirected to Regular store. The checkbox “Update existing contacts if the following keys match: XXX” should be ticked. Click next.

Take a final look and proceed with the import. You will get a notification with the number of updated contacts (total number of contacts in your file) and that no new contacts have been created.

Want to check if your change was completed with success? Go to the label you created in your file (main menu > labels) and check a few contact cards to see if they have been updated with the new Regular store.

5. Delete the old store in Voyado

Don't forget to delete the store that will shut down for good when you are done, otherwise your contacts will be moved back to the old store when the RFM is calculated the next time.



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