Getting started with Labels 🏷

Bring your own contact structure into Voyado and organize contacts based on data only you know about them!

Labels are the ultimate way to organize your contacts. Saved segments in Voyado update automatically as contacts meet the right criteria, Labels however, are like static segments that you yourself set up and can update as you wish. Here you'll learn how to create and use them to best target your marketing to the right contacts.

About Labels

Labels are like little tags you put on your contacts to categorize them based on the information you have. If you've worked with another CRM tool before you might be familiar with this type of organization.

How to use Labels

Labeling contacts is a great way to send certain messages directly to a certain type of contact, or to use as a base that can then be segmented down even further.

The best part is that labels are completely customizable and can be added to anyone without them having to meet a certain criteria. For example, VIP members might be based on the people who purchase for the highest amounts, but it could also include a few brand ambassadors who can be added by using a label.

A label might be comprehensive to include anyone who's shopped on sale, for example, or be very targeted to include only a few key contacts. Either way, labels give you the flexibility to optimally target your contacts in Voyado.

Create and add Labels

It's very easy to create labels in Voyado and there are several ways you can do it too. Add labels individually from a contact’s profile, to a segment from the segmentation page or as an activity in your automations. You can also import contacts and add a label to your entire import, or add a label to a single contact in your file - it's up to you!

The best way to decide which way to go about it is to base it on the amount of contacts you're working with. If you're only adding a few people, it might be easiest to go into each individual contact and add the label from there. Otherwise, we recommend using segmentation where you can add labels in bulk. If you need to add a label to brand new contacts, consider importing to a label.

View or filter by Label

You can view all the labels that are assigned to a specific contact on their contact profile and use segmentation to find all contacts that has been assigned with a specific label (or multiple labels).

Manage Labels

The main menu includes a label page where you can manage all your labels in one place. You can create or delete labels, change the color or name of your labels and share them with other administrators in your organization by ticking the Global-checkbox. Local administrators do not have the permission to delete labels if they are created by a global administrator.

You can also choose to show your labels in Voyado Loyalty Bar if they are relevant for your staff to see at the checkout.


We know it can sometimes be hard to decide how to make such a flexible feature work for you. Here are some examples of labels you might create, depending on the type of business you have.

  • Influencer
  • On-boarding
  • Shops on sale
  • Staff
  • Event attendee
  • Manual import
  • Low NPS-score needs action
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