Every SMS message sent from Voyado will generate statistics on unsubscribe activity, delivery, soft and hard bounces.

Delivered statistics

The Delivered panel allows you to act instantly on contacts that have received, or on contacts that have produced a hard or soft bounce on the SMS. Click here if you wish to know more about hard and soft bounces.

Status "unknown" indicates that Voyado is yet to receive a response or that the message from the responding mobile phone operator could not be interpreted.

How to directly send e-mails to contacts that generated soft bounces on sms:

  1. Click the Action-button below Soft bounces and choose Send email
  2. Create an email to send to the selected contacts

Effect statistics

This panel displays the effect of the sms message. These numbers will only be available if transactional data is imported to and stored in Voyado. All available timespans are calculated from the moment the message was sent (i.e. 1 day is equal to 24 hours after message was sent).

  • Made a purchase
    Contacts that have made at least one purchase since the message was sent.
  • Conversion rate
    Percentage of total number of recipients that have made a purchase.
  • Purchases per converted customer
    Number of purchases each customer made who purchased since the message was sent.
  • Average receipt
    The average sum a customer bought for since the message was sent.
  • Total sales
    The total sum you have sold for since the message was sent, in your currency.
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