Black Friday: Inspiration and tips


When you think of Black Friday, you probably think of long lines and people rushing through the door to get to the best deals first. So how will it possibly work during a pandemic?

We can see from our Corona Index report that e-commerce has had a significant rise since the pandemic broke out, with every age group going more and more digital.

So, it goes without saying that every retailer will do an even bigger push towards e-commerce this year. And with Black Friday already being a highly competitive day, how do you get your customers to receive your communication?

Hopefully, you’ve performed tests all year to see what your customers respond to. Ideally, by now you should know optimal send times, which channel to use, the tone of copy, and more. But to optimize your results even further, we’ve put together this guide to give you some tips and ideas to think about.

Work closely with your e-commerce team

This year more than ever before, we know it’s likely e-commerce will see a massive spike in traffic on and around Black Friday. We already know that the amount of people who shop online has grown year after year, but with the ongoing pandemic thrown in the mix, it’s likely fewer people will shop in physical stores. Therefore it's crucial that your e-commerce platform can handle the increased traffic. Don’t work in silos here, plan your entire Black Friday campaign together. The e-commerce team will need to know exactly when you are sending out communication in order to rev up performance during and around these times.

Limit your other communication

You also don’t want to bombard your customers with communication and risk unsubscribes. While planning your send-outs for Black Friday, check which automations are currently running and see if you can pause them or at least limit how much they send out for the next few weeks. 

Some of your customers will not be interested in Black Friday – if you see a pattern of customers that is not opening your emails, think about how you segment to not spam those who are not interested. 

Get (some) customers through the door

By now you’ve had several months of communicating about how you’re taking safety precautions in your physical stores. With restrictions on how many can enter your store at a certain time, you need a communication strategy for your Black Friday safety measures taken into place and how these will work.

We can assume that e-commerce will see most of the traffic this year, but it’s still important to communicate what customers can expect from your stores. 

Green Friday - a different approach

We see a trend that customers are thinking more about the environment and might be opposed to over-consumption compared to a few years ago. If this aligns with your brand values, perhaps you want to try a Green Friday this year. Promote how you’re working in a sustainable way. You might not see profit spikes immediately but instead, you have built up the brand image long-term.

Customize your sendouts and automations

Update content in your automations with Black Friday branding. For example, make sure your follow-up emails with accessories for a product purchase also have a Black Friday heading or include items that are on sale.

💡To become a full automation pro, make sure you read our guide "All you need to know about automations".


We hope there are some practices you can use for this year’s Black Friday. But if you find that your plans are already set in stone – now’s the time to start planning Black Friday 2021! Sounds early? Okay, you don’t have to decide what to sell or set the price tag yet. It's ideal to start the new year and analyze purchase patterns during this sales period:

  • Which of your customers bought items and whether they bought from you because of a price drop.
  • Set up your test campaigns for the upcoming year, so next Black Friday you’ll know exactly what your customers want to receive from you.

In Voyado, you have all the tools you need to perform tests on your customer data, segment audiences, personalize your communication, work with automation and so much more. We hope this guide provides inspiration towards your most successful Black Friday yet!

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