Getting started with registration forms

An essential part of modern marketing is to make sure to keep all customer data accurate and up to date. For this purpose, we've created an easy solution for you to use: an Engage registration form.

What it is and what to use it for

The registration form in Engage can be used for registering new contacts or adding/updating data on your existing ones. The form will have its own landing page (with a unique url) and can be reached through a link placed in an SMS or an email. If the purpose of the form is to register new contacts, it might also be embedded with iframe on your web or e-commerce platform.

Here is a list of possible use cases:

  • registration of a member or contact
  • completion or updating contact information
  • opt-in to different channels
  • approval of general terms and conditions
  • consent

How to get started

We'll start together by defining:

  • how and where you wish to use the registration form
  • how you get your preferred design and copy in place

Once this is done, we will build and test the form according to your preferences. From there on, it will be easy for you to set up and send out forms on your own. You'll be able to handle everything, by yourself, in Engage.

Are you collecting new contacts or updating current ones?

It's important to note that there are two different "how to" routes in Engage depending on whether you wish to register a new contact or if you want to collect or correct or add data to an already registered contact. When the purpose is to work with your existing contacts, that form needs to be sent through our email editor together with an identifying unique link to each contact. We recommend making it a habit to give us a call before sending out forms, so that we can make sure everything is in the right place.

Does this sound as something you might need? Please contact your Account Manager.

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