User generated content with Flowbox

Are you using Flowbox to create a personalized online experience with user generated content? Then you might be interested in using that functionality in your email communication as well.

Engage has a connection with Flowbox which makes it easy for you to work with user generated content from different SoMe platforms in your emails. Currently Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest is supported by Flowbox. You just drag in a specific email module for Flowbox and insert the Flow-key (this you will find in your Flowbox portal) to display up to 25 images in the same request.


You need to have an account on Flowbox and a special Flowbox email module in Engage. The module is dynamic and can displays images in a column or gallery design and will be populated with content upon send out. Images also comes with a link to the product, name, price as well as the image owners nickname on the social platform.

Read more about how to build your flows in Flowbox here.


You just drag and drop the Flowbox module in your email editor and insert the Flow key (found in the Flowbox tool).

Flowboxexample.jpgContent population

To minimize the risk of showing the same images over and over again our clients can create an Engage specific flow in Flowbox that updates more frequently in order to fetch new images more often from social media platforms.

The module is populated when you create the mail content. If any part of information is missing it will be left out. You have the possibility to change the content if needed and also hide components.

Talk to your Account Manager if you are interested in adding a dynamic Flowbox module to your Engage setup.

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