A randomized split is a great way to create a test within an automation. The purpose is to divide incoming contacts in two or more groups that will continue in different paths. You can easily build different chains of activities for each path and follow up how your contacts react to the different versions.

Randomized splits can be used to test different copy/designs in automated emails to find out which version that generates the highest click rate. Another scenario is to perform a channel test to evaluate if a personal offer sent by email or SMS message leads to the highest conversion. Or why not perform a test to see which type of promotion that leads to the highest conversion—a percentage discount or a monetary discount?

Here are some example scenarios:

  • You want to A/B test content for an email or SMS within an automation
  • You want to perform a channel test within an automation
  • You want to send a NPS survey to every fifth person in an automation
  • You want to test different promotion types within an automation

How to get started

Click the plus sign and choose Randomized split.

Create your groups

Start by giving your randomized split a name and provide names for each group. There are no limitations on how many groups you can create, but remember, one group equals one path in your automation. We recommend you to keep it simple; otherwise it might look a bit cluttered and it will be hard for you to maintain, analyze and update your flow.

The distribution of contacts between your groups must reach a total of 100 % and it's only possible to use positive integers (whole numbers, no decimals) or 0. A group with 0 % can for example be used to build a temporary path alongside your "active" paths that no contacts will enter during a specific time frame.


Build your paths

When you have saved your groups, the automation will be split into just as many branches and you can start building each chain of activities.

Activate your automation and analyze results

If analysis show that one of the activities in "Path A" and another activity in "Path B" gave the best conversion numbers, you can easily send new contacts down the "winning" branch by creating a new version of the automation.

  1. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the automation.
  2. Select Create a new version. Name it and enter a description.
  3. Click Save.
  4. The new version is opened as a draft. Drag and drop the activities of the “winning” branch right after the entry trigger and delete the randomized split.
  5. Save and Activate this new version and choose if you want to finish or archive the original automation. In this case you can Finish it, to let the contacts already in the flow complete it before it’s stopped.
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