Overview on Gamification in Voyado

“Gamification” is when you apply game design mechanics to a non-gaming context and today most of you probably know that it can be great way to improve customer user experience and engagement. Also, when done the right way, it can build strong and meaningful connections with your customers.

In Voyado there are three building blocks with which you can create a gamification flow of events: achievements, custom triggers and stamp cards. In this article we will give you a brief overview on what they do and how they can be used.


Through Achievements an external system (for instance your e-com-platform) can place a calendar date on your customer contact profile when a defined action has been performed by your customer. This date can represent basically anything you choose, for instance when a customer first logs in to your e-com or when they choose to enrich their customer profile with new data, like e-mail. So, any date for an activity that you can catch and deliver as a datapoint from an external platform or system, can be used. This date can trigger an automation flow in Voyado – for instance “add 100 reward point to this customers profile” or “send email XX to this customer profile” etc. It can also be used to create customer segments.

Custom triggers

With the help of a Custom trigger, you can start an automation based on an event in an external system or source via the API. The data sent to Voyado can be used to set entry criteria in an automation, split the automation or to personalize content in your communication.

Stamp Cards

With this functionality, your customers can collect stamps to a pre-defined digital stamp card. You define the rules on what kind of communications and/or offer that will be delivered to your customer upon completing the card. You can read more on this topic here.

How to get started

As all new things, you need to start with doing some thinking around how gamification might fit into your overall loyalty program and where you wish to start. Read more on how to get started with Loyalty here.

If you have further questions or need assistance on how Gamification might enhance your Voyado experience, please reach out to your Client Manager!

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