A kind way to reward your most loyal and recurring customers is setting up a member level program. And once it’s been set up in Engage, we'll take care of assigning levels, automate up- and downgrading, and keep track of your customers purchases and actions to make sure they're always placed in the right level.

In this article we'll go through how member levels work in Engage, and some key considerations to take into account before setup and launch.

The name

You may call your levels anything from “VIP/Platinum” or maybe “RisingStar/Champ/Legend” but regardless of their names (or how many levels you have) they all boil down some basic usage:

  • Qualifying a customer for a personal offer or reward
  • Inviting a customer to exclusive events
  • Offer extended customer service
  • Trigger automated customer journeys when a level changes

How it works

When setting up a member level program, the first step is to decide how your levels should be calculated. There are two main options to choose from:

  • Invoice based member levels:
    • Level calculation will be based on spent money i.e through all the transactions and purchase amounts stored on your customer’s profiles.
  • Reward based member levels:
    • Level calculation will be based on earned reward points regardless if the points have been assigned from transactions, manually or in an automation (read more on reward points here).This kind of level calculation is a bit more versatile since it can be combined with points earned through different types of achievements (for instance “get 100 rewards when becoming a member”, “get 100 rewards for shopping in store” etc.)

How to create segments based on levels

Your customers current member level will be displayed on contact cards which means that you can create segments based on levels for your marketing activities. Read more on how to setup segments in Engage here.

Triggers for automations

Engage will trigger up- and downgrades automatically through automations. Exactly how this would be set up for your member levels, will be decided together with your team at Voyado.

How to get started

Start by defining why member levels might be a good fit for your loyalty program: define the purpose and your desired outcome. Also do some thinking whether you would want to base your levels on invoices/transactions or reward points. Main take away on this topic is to think it through, since it’s a bit tricky to change the way you calculate your levels once you’ve started one model.

Key considerations

  • Number of levels? How many levels would you like to have and what would the qualifying rules around them look like?
  • Returns? How and when should a return affect the way the member level is calculated? (This only applies to invoice-based member levels)
  • Quarantine? If a customer stops buying your products for a period of time, how long will they remain on the current member level?
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