RichRelevance product recommendations

Are you using RichRelevance to create a personalized online experience with product recommendations? Then you might be interested in using that functionality in your email communication as well.

Engage has a connection with RichRelevance which makes it easy for you to work with different types of RichRelevance content in your emails. You just drag in a RichRelevance module in your emails and insert information about the placement, campaign ID and region.

For example, if you only want to show products from a specific category, it’s possible to set up that campaign in RichRelevance, making it flexible and easy work with different types of RichRelevance content in Engage.  


To activate RichRelevance product recommendations in Engage you will need the RichRelevance email module and an integration, preferably between your e-com and Engage to transfer the RichRelevance user ID for each contact to Engage.

The email module

Voyado's RichRelevance module is a dynamic module that displays images in a three to four column design (depending on your choice).

The module collects and automatically populates an image containing the product picture, name, description, and price. The module is completely based on images and doesn't contain any text fields. This means that all the configuration is managed in RichRelevance (e.g., name, price, font and size) and Engage simply populates it.


Drag and drop the RichRelevance module into your email editor and insert data from RichRelevance about the placement, campaign and region.


  • Placement – The placement controls the rules for products etc. (example: “Newsletter”).
  • Campaign – The campaign is the tag used for following up the campaign in RichRelevance (example: “Spring campaign w21 or RRnewsletter").
  • Region – The region is used to collect and populate the correct language and prices if you are working with multiple markets (optional), for example "SE" for Sweden.

Content population

The RichRelevance module will be loaded with content when the recipient opens the email. This means that the content can vary if the customer opens the same email multiple times during a longer time. It also means that the content always will be updated with relevant products which is great if you are using the module to present "Top sellers", "Customer based recommendations" or likely.

Talk to your Account Manager if you are interested in adding a dynamic RichRelevance module.

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