Around 75% of people leave something in their abandoned cart instead of checking out. But they don't have to be lost opportunities. Take advantage of knowing exactly what the customer is interested in with abandoned cart automations. Statistics show that these reminders usually have an open rate of 50%, and at least 10% of customers come back to complete the purchase.

With the Abandoned cart trigger, you can communicate with customers who have left something in their shopping carts without buying it. To boost your results and get high conversion rates it is important to test and evaluate your timing. Because when it comes to abandoned cart emails, timing is everything and what will work for others might not be as effective for you.

Success factor 1: Timing

If you sell expensive furniture like sofas, your customers might need some time before they are ready to take the final purchase decision. After putting the sofa in their shopping cart, the customer may want to head off to one of your stores and look at it IRL, test how comfortable it is and look at fabrics. In this case, an abandoned cart email is probably not relevant until the next day. If you however sell items that doesn't require as much thinking-time i.e. accessories, consumer goods or supplies, an abandoned cart email is likely to have a higher conversion rate if sent out much earlier.

To optimize your results, test and tweak your timing to find out what works best for your business. With the right timing, your abandoned cart campaigns will help customers to finalize their purchases and get their hands on your awesome products.

Success factor 2: Relevance

If you skip thinking about relevance, your abandoned cart campaign is set to fail. Make sure your communication is relevant and that you are not reminding customers to buy what they have already bought.

When you decide to send out abandoned cart emails X hours after the cart was abandoned, Voyado can perform a check to see if the customer already bought one of the items in the meantime. In these cases, Voyado will remove that item from the email. 


This feature requires you to have an email module for abandoned carts, a Product feed (Google standard, xml on open URL) and the Voyado web tracking script installed on your site. The tracking script, will check the customer’s behavior in the cart and if there are any items added. If the cart is left unchanged for a defined period of time, an automation will be triggered, and an email with the products from the abandoned cart can be sent to the customer. 

The email module

To be able to show abandoned products in emails, you will need a pre-configured email module for abandoned carts. You can choose between our standard modules or use your own tailor-made design. The module will populate product information from your Product feed.

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