If you have a product recommendation algorithm of your own and want to use the result in Engage you can easily upload it. With the Product Recommendation Pipeline, all you need to do is present the data in a format Engage understands—and then you can send out emails with your own recommendations.

Instead of pushing products based on a traditional calendar-based ("one size fits all") marketing plan we want to challenge you to create a one-on-one dialogue with your customers. Your product recommendations can easily be populated in Engage's standard email module for recommendations which makes it possible to create personalized campaigns with relevant content for each customer in every email. 


This solution requires a product recommendation algorithm, a product feed to fetch and present product information from and the product recommendation module in Engage.

The email module

The product recommendation module is a dynamic module based on a 2–4 column design. The number of columns decide how many product recommendations can be displayed in your emails. Each column contains an image, text fields and a button. These are populated with the product image, name, description, price, and link from your product feed. This means a lot of design possibilities for you when it comes to font and font size depending on device desktop/mobile etc.


Content populating

The module will be loaded with content when you send the email. The content is therefore static when the email is sent, and you are in full control over what will be seen by the customer. But remember, you are responsible for your product feed so that it is up to date with correct and accurate product information and prices.

Read about Engage's product recommendations.

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