Personal offers in emails

Generic discounts can be a great way to attract new customers, but as your relationship goes on they are not very likely to result in recurrent purchases. Personal offers however, are a fantastic tool when building true customer loyalty. Utilize the power of personal offers and create a truly personal experience with personalized email content. 

"Your personal offers"

By showing your customer their current personal offers in your marketing emails you can create the feeling of a 1 on 1 dialogue. This is a great way to drive sales, but also a powerful way to stay relevant and build a personal relationship with each customer. 


There are two requirements needed to display personal offers in emails:

  • Multi-channel promotions needs to be activated with an integration to your POS/ecom so that your customers are able to redeem them.
  • The Promotion module in your email template.

The Promotion module

The Promotion module is connected to Multi-channel promotions in Voyado and displays one promotion per row with an image to the left and a text field to the right. Each promotion can be presented with a title, description, link and image. 


The module is dynamic and shows each customer's available offers. The multi-channel promotions must meet the following criteria to be displayed:

  • The promotion needs to be active
  • The promotion needs to be assigned to the customer
  • The promotion needs to be valid (validity period has started but not yet ended)
  • The promotion needs to have content (a presentation), at least a title

In other words, promotions that have already expired, have a validity date in the future or lack a title in the presentation will not displayed in the module.

If the customer doesn't have any available multi-channel promotions when the email is sent, the promotion module will by default be empty and be hidden to the customer. If you wish, it is possible to ad a fall-back content block and show a generic text or picture instead.

Content settings

The content shown in the Promotion module is added when you create each Multi-channel promotion. In the section "Presentation" under each Multi-channel setting you are able to add your title, description and picture and it is possible to add a link to your ecom site that is relevant to this specific offer. 

Read more about Multi-channel promotions here

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