Personal offers in emails

Adding personal offers in emails is a great way to build true customer loyalty. Utilize the power of personal offers and create a truly personal experience with personalized email content.

"Your personal offers"

By showing your customer their current personal offers in your marketing emails you can create the feeling of a one-on-one dialogue.


To display personal offers in emails you need to have multichannel promotions activated with an integration to your POS/e-com so that your customers can redeem them.

If you wish to automatically display all personal offers in the same email, you need to have the Promotion module in your email template.

Multichannel promotions in standard email modules

You can choose to include a specific promotion in any email module. This is done as follows:

  1. Click on the text field in the email module where you want to display the promotion.
  2. Select Insert personalized field.
  3. Select Multichannel promotions and click on the promotion you want to include.

    The personalization fields are added to the email module.

  4. Delete the fields you do not want displayed, making sure not to delete the code included in the field. Add the rest of the text for the email.

The promotion is now added to your email! This is how the mail will look for the recipient:


The Promotion module

The Promotion module is connected to multichannel promotions in Engage and displays one promotion per row, with an image to the left and a text field to the right. Each promotion can be presented with a title, description, link, and image.

The module is dynamic and shows each customer's available offers. The multichannel promotions must meet the following criteria to be displayed:

  • The promotion needs to be active
  • The promotion needs to be assigned to the customer
  • The promotion needs to be valid (validity period has started but not yet ended)
  • The promotion needs to have content (a presentation), at least a title

In other words, promotions that have already expired, have a validity date in the future, or lack a title in the presentation will not displayed in the module.

If the customer does not have any available multichannel promotions when the email is sent, the promotion module will by default be empty and be hidden to the customer. If you wish, it's possible to add a fallback content block and show a generic text or picture instead.

Content settings

The content shown in the Promotion module is added when you create each multichannel promotion. In the section Presentation under each multichannel setting, you're able to add your title, description and picture and it's possible to add a link to your e-com site that is relevant to this specific offer.

Read more about multichannel promotions here.

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