Getting started with marketing automation

We are exposed to a massive load of brand messages every day, and most of them will pass totally unnoticed. You know there's a marketing battle going on and you really need to stand out and be relevant to win your customers' attention.

By understanding and combining customer data—such as demographics, transactions, or browsing history—you'll have the best chance of gaining a customer's attention.

The number one form of personalization

The people within your target audience might appear quite similar on paper, but they are different individuals with different behaviors and preferences. Thanks to available data you can provide them with product recommendations, services, and information that aligns with their profiles.

Create triggered journeys and communication with your customers at the right time and with relevant content. React to customer actions in real-time, and reward them with vouchers, discounts, points, or useful information exactly when they are required.

Benefits of marketing automation

Some key benefits of marketing automation are efficiency and relevance. You're able to send personalized campaigns with no effort and ultimately increase profit. Instead of handling things manually, you let Voyado Engage take care of repetitive tasks, and you can allocate your marketing resources to grow your business in other areas.

How to build successful customer journeys

Identify customer touchpoints in all channels, from unidentified to known, and automate everything from onboarding activities, and abandoned carts to win-back communication. Target people based on their online and offline behavior, stage in the customer lifecycle, preferences, or other available data.

The purpose is to optimize engagement and customer experience by keeping them active by providing loads of love, inspiration, guidance, and surprises.

Useful journeys to kick start with

Proceed from the different customer lifecycle stages and identify touchpoints in all channels. Create automations for:

  • Onboarding activities—from unknown to registered
  • Activation—motivate the customer to visit you again
  • Reward and retain—engaged customers must be rewarded
  • Win-back—there's always a chance to motivate the customer to come back
  • Exit—you can make a last effort to win a few back before it's too late

How to get started

  • Define objectives, target group, preferred channels, content, call-to-actions, and offers for each process
  • Define KPIs and ensure measurability
  • Define triggers and splits in each process, and remember to ensure that required data is available 
  • Start creating your content and build workflows that proactively meet your customer on their terms.

Successful marketing automation is built with intelligence and relevance. To start with, you must ensure that you have targeted and personalized content in place, which might be the most time-consuming part. But when you've done your homework, implementing the processes will be very straightforward.

Continuous testing

Focus on getting started and continuously broaden and improve the journeys. We also recommend that you audit the automation occasionally since content, pictures, and tone of voice will sometimes require updates to be aligned with your business objectives.

Want to learn more?

As a customer or partner of Voyado, you can request free access to Voyado Academy, our digital training center. In the course catalog there is, among other things, a course on how to work with the marketing automation tools. Sign up and get to learning here.

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