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Would you like to perform deeper analysis of the data from Voyado? Maybe set up an insight environment which can serve you with ground level data, down to each transaction and email response?

Voyado gives you the opportunity to do a lot with your data. Whether you prefer to dig into your data yourself, hire a data scientist or setting up reports locally, we can provide you with quick access to all the data that is stored within Voyado with our BI-export.

Accessing data

You can get the data exported to an FTP every night so that you can build your own insight environment. This is a great way to analyze your own data crossed with data provided from Voyado, for example to compare members with non-member customers.

Once you have the BI-export set-up, you can create reports, perform machine learning or other analysis. If you want, you can also feed data back into Voyado so that you can act on your calculated segments in Voyado.

Export files

The following information can be exported from Voyado:

File Description
Contact The contact export is a file definition for each contact type. What columns to export are optional.
Message This export contains information about a created message.
MessageDelivery This export contains information regarding which contact received a message. (Not those included in a control group)
MessageControlGroup This export contains information regarding which contact were included in a control group.
MessageDeliveryStatus This export contains information regarding delivery status where you can see different kind of delivery statuses for each sendout. Example status: Delivered, Blocked. Even unsubscription is included with a timestamp.
MessageOpen This export gives you information regarding email openings. It also contains user agent-data, raw data formatted from email distribution system Sendgrid.
MessageClick This export gives you click-data. What links have been clicked and so on.
Promotion This export contains information regarding a created promotion.
PromotionRecipient This export gives you information regarding who the recipients are and what status the promotion has (Example: Used, Expired).
BonusPointTransaction This gives you information on all bonus point transactions.
MasterControlGroupHistory Tells you what contacts are included in the master control group.
Receipt This export gives you information on all receipts. Only the head of the receipt is exported.
ReceiptItem This export gives you information of the receipt items contained in an receipt.
SavedSearch This export contains all your saved segments.
TargetAudienceToContact Exports all your target audiences and its contacts.
Store Exports all stores in Voyado.

File format

  • The files are .csv files with semi-colon as separators.
  • File format is UTF-8
  • All export files have a standard format except from Contacts that can be unique for each client.
  • Since the contact attributes differ depending on customer and contact type it is up to each client what fields to export, custom or not.
  • Each file contains maximum 100 000 rows

Version control

  • To be adaptable and not affecting live exports we use versioning of the file formatting where each version is locked. Example: If you in the future would like to add a new field to the Message export called "Campaign id" it would be added to a whole new file version, message_v2.
  • It is up to you when/if you want to switch to a new file format.
  • For contact exports you can always choose to modify an existing file format where you can either add or remove a field from the export.

Integration log

You can monitor your BI-export in the integration log under Administration in the left side menu in Voyado.

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