Contacts with a protected identity 

The most important part about handling customers with a protected identity is to have a strategy about how to guarantee the security for your customers. By stating your strategy in your terms & conditions you can inform your customers in advance whether you can handle protected identity in your loyalty program.  

As a part of the identification and maintenance process of your customer registry, use external sources to identify customers with a protected identity. 

  • Monitoring - for updates on existing customers data changes  
  • Lookups - for new customers in the on-boarding process   

Keep your customers protected in Voyado 

Voyado will clear personal data (address, name & personal identification number) from the contact card when we receive a protected identity flag from an external service to keep the customer protected. It's up to you if you want to keep the contact in the system. This service for protected identity is only available for Swedish and Danish customers with a personal identification number.

Use case – If you want to delete customers with protected identity in Voyado  

If you still want to delete the contact the easiest way is to set up an automation.   

  1. Identify your customers with protected identity using 3rd party external sources for monitoring or lookups with a scheduled task that runs regularly.  
  2. Set up a scheduled selection that gets triggered by the condition “Protected identity=Yes”
  3. Build a flow of communication where you communicate that the contact will get deleted, refer to the terms & conditions and how to contact your support with questions.  
  4. The next step is to delete the contact in the automation. 

Are you interested in hearing more about how to work with 3rd party external sources for register monitoring and lookups?  Contact for more information on how to get started.

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