Introduction to web tracking

Web activity tracking in Engage is the online tracking of a contact's website activity. Get to know your customers even better by storing their products of interest and abandoned carts to personalize their customer journey on a deeper level.

Using cookies, web activity tracking in Engage allows you to track the activity of both anonymous and identified contacts.

If you want to know more about web activity tracking and the features mentioned below, reach out to your Voyado contact.

Identification and cookies

Engage's web tracking lets you identify contacts in two ways:

  • When a contact clicks on a link in an email that links to the website.
  • When the contact is identified by a login.

In a newsletter you get the id from the URL and then stick it to the cookie on the user's computer to gain access to the behavior data.

Abandoned carts

The tracking script enables abandoned cart functionality. By registering every state of a user’s cart, Engage is able to receive information about cart abandonment.

If you have the abandoned cart feature set up in Engage, you can set up automations to send out communication to customers who have left something in their carts. Speak to your Account Manager to find out more.

Products of interest

By tracking which products a user interacts with, Engage can calculate a list of products of interest. This can then be used in, for example, segmentations. The data will also be part of the algorithm that calculates Engage's product recommendations. Read more about this here.

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