My Facebook custom audience could not be added

Learn what to do if a certain error message appears. Note that you need to perform the following steps yourself—our support team don’t have access to your Facebook account.

When adding Facebook custom audience (called external audience in Engage) the following message appears:


Possible errors

  • The Engage user who's adding the audience do not have administration permission in Facebook Business manager. Solution: Make sure the user is added as administrator to Facebook Business Manager.

  • Facebook terms and conditions for use of Custom Audiences have not been accepted by your company. To resolve this, follow the steps below.

  • The user access token has not been renewed, and Facebook requires the token to be renewed every 90 days (required by Facebook since April 2018).

How to accept Facebook terms and conditions for custom audiences

Terms and conditions appear when you create a custom audience in Facebook Business Manager. Therefore, we'll initiate this process, and you don't need to finish the whole workflow (this only has to be done once).

1. From the main menu in Business Manager, go to Audience that is located under the Assets section. Under the custom audience option, click Create custom audience.

2. A new window appears. Click Customer file.


3. Now you're asked to prepare your customer list. Click Next.

4. Next you're asked to choose if the file contains a value, click yes or no. It will make no difference as we just want to receive the terms and conditions.

5. The window shows the terms and condition for shared audience responsibilities, and all you need to do is approve.

6. Once you've hit accept, just close the data file dialogue. You don't need to select or upload anything—Engage will make the sync for you.

Now you're up and running.

How to renew the user token

Access tokens need to be renewed every 90 days with the consent of the person using your app (i.e., Engage user and also set up as admin to the FB admin account). This means that every 90 days you must send a person through the Facebook Login process, and the person must agree to specific data permissions by tapping the Continue button.

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