Live Instagram feeds and countdown timers in emails

You can easily include an Instagram feed, Pinterest feed, personalized image, or a countdown timer in your emails by using the services of a 3rd party provider called Nifty Images. A free account is limited to 10,000 opens, but there are several pricing options available.

Live social feeds

With Nifty Images you can include real-time embedded social feeds in your emails and maximize your social presence.

  • Create an account at
  • Choose Create Image, Timer or Data Source
  • Choose what you want to create, in this case Live Social Feed
  • Decide if you want to create the feed based on #brand or @brand
  • Choose the settings you want, number of tiles, border etc.
  • Save and copy the image source (you need it in Engage)



Design your email in Engage

Design your email as usual, but when adding the image choose External source. Fetch the link that you copied and insert it in the External source field.


The image gets resized to fit your module, and if you want to change the way the image looks—just head back to Nifty Images and change the settings.

Your Social collage updates every 15 minutes.

Countdown timers in emails

Nifty images has a countdown timer that you can include in your emails. This is a dynamic image that counts down to a particular event and it updates every time a user re-opens your email.

  1. Select a date, time and timezone when the countdown expires.
  2. Choose language.
  3. Edit the font color, font size, and background color.
  4. Edit stroke, drop shadow, custom label size and more. There also an optional expiration image to show when time runs out.
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