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The retail event of the year is nearly here. We’re talking, of course, of Black Friday. It has long been the biggest shopping day in the US as it's the day after Thanksgiving, takes place during a four-day weekend, and is so close to Christmas. The name originated in 1961 because stores' profits moved (generally speaking) from red to black. The tradition has since moved to Europe and the rest of the world and is now recognized as the single most important day for sales for many companies.

This one day, where retail stores everywhere have to compete for customers' attention, takes place over almost a week instead. How you communicate your offers is more important than ever. 

Having a CRM platform like Voyado is the optimal start to make sure your marketing will go out efficiently and effectively, but we know it can still feel a bit overwhelming. We’ve written this guide to inspire and guide you to make this Black Friday your most successful yet. Let's get started! 

check.png Create tests all year long

Black Friday and the days before is not the time to start creating tests, you’ve had all year! Tests are always important to see what your customers respond to and are easy to perform in Voyado. What subject lines usually work? Percentage off or BOGO? Content filled, colorful emails or discreet and straight-forward ones? If you know what works best during the rest of the year, you're much more prepared for the most important sales week of the year.

check.png  Segmentation is key

Targeting and organizing your customers is always important but even more so on Black Friday. Because all companies are sending out communication during the same week and often the same time, delivery can take a bit longer than usual. It can be a good idea to divide your contacts into batches, based on who should receive the email first. Here are some ideas of how to segment:

  1. Contacts with a spend over X amount in the last year
  2. Contacts who made a purchase last Black Friday
  3. Contacts who usually open and click on your emails
  4. Active contacts                  
  5. Inactive customers (who could come back simply because it’s Black Friday)

check.png  Schedule your send-outs

Ideally your emails should be ready and scheduled well in advance before Black Friday so you don’t risk delays. We recommend you to schedule your emails at least two hours before the send time but ideally up to four hours to give Voyado a good amount of time to create and prepare your messages.

If your communication will push a lot of traffic to your ecom it can be a good idea to send your message in smaller batches with roughly hour-long intervals to make sure your website doesn't get overwhelmed and crash. 

check.png Wait to check statistics

Due to the sheer volume of marketing communication going out on one or a few days, you might expect a small delay in seeing accurate statistics. Don’t focus too much on checking how well your messages performed immediately, try to wait a bit to check the results of your campaign, as tempting as it might be to check it right away.

💡 Tips!

Update content in your automations with Black Friday branding. For example, make sure your follow-up emails with accessories for a product purchase also have a Black Friday heading or includes items that are on sale.

Abandoned carts

What’s more exciting for a customer than knowing an item they were previously interested in (and didn’t buy) than finding out it’s now on sale?! Abandoned cart emails is a great way to increase open and conversion rates during Black Friday!

Surprise your contacts!

Why not switch up your email design a bit, add something surprising, such as animations or vouchers to keep customers excited and more likely to open more emails from you in the next few days. And why not add a countdown timer that counts down to the start or end of the sale. Read more about adding countdown timers to your emails here.

When to send your Black Friday emails 

According to the Swedish Retail index produced by Voyado, email click through rates increase drastically on Monday and Saturday evenings.


The graph shows the number of opened and clicked on emails indexed against total sent at a given point. 

Good luck with your Black Friday campaign, we hope it's the most successful yet! 🎉


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