Customer data is the new oil  🛢️


When it comes to data, more is more.

A prerequisite for building a data-driven loyalty program is of course the data itself, and understanding it. When the strategy is established and your business case is approved, the organization is ready for the loyalty platform to be implemented. Your first step is to build and maintain the database.   


A loyalty program is nothing without registered customers. It goes without saying, but a profile with very few contact detailsis very difficult to approach in a personal way. Some tips:

  • Collect as much data as possible from the start
  • It is difficult to add data afterwards, customers are very hesitant to add more personal data later on
  • Make it simple for the customer - use external sources for address lookups etc.
  • Make it simple for you – use external sources for additional customer data when required

In the store, the staff are your ambassadors, but you are responsible for creating the best conditions for them to recruit. It is partly about building an internal understanding of the program and partly about creating a process that's as smooth and simple as possible. Visualize the member benefits, always try to recruit, and don't take no for an answer 😉

When it comes to online or app registration, other conditions apply. Here, the process must be completely friction-free with clear incentives to create an account and provide as many contact details as possible.


Customer identification is key for maintaining the database and constantly improving the quality. To provide the customer with personalized communication and offers, you simply need to know them and understand their preferences.


Voyado brings in the initial customer data, but when things happen in their lives you need to involve external resources to keep up. Every now and then we recommend you to ask external sources for updated addresses or changed status (like protected id or deceased). There are two alternatives for this:

  1. Scheduled tasks for recurring updates thanks to Voyado's integration with a 3rd party
  2. Manual updates where you export data to a 3rd party and then import changes
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