Where to start with a Customer Loyalty Program 🔑

The benefits of a loyalty program are generally known, and we’ve all heard the old idea of “it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one".  

Needless to say, you won't achieve true customer loyalty just by launching a loyalty program. Hard competition, picky and aware customers in combination with a constant feed of information makes it difficult to win the game. 

The good news is though that you do have the chance to beat the competitors! Create the dream team of a plan by putting the right players in the right positions. The first player you'll need, and the most important, is a Strategy, supported by the all important players of Data, Insights and Relevance. But don't forget the importance of the defenders - Technology, Automation and Personalization. With all of these working together you will provide your customers with great experiences that make them love your brand.   

Luckily you don't have to wait for the season to begin – you just have to get started.  

Warm-up: The general definition   

A Loyalty program is a program or system made by companies to give additional benefits to loyal customers. A loyalty program is a tool or strategy adopted to retain good customers by giving them additional benefits like freebies, cash back, vouchers etc. The objective is to appreciate a repeat customer and encourage further purchases.    

Building the Loyalty Program   

If you have decided to start showing repeat customers appreciation and want to reward them in some way you need to start by asking the questions WHY and WHAT, and finally consider HOW you're going to do it. When you have a clear definition, you are ready to start building your winning team.  


Plan the work and work the plan. Define what you want to achieve with the program and why. Decide how to attract, reward and retain your customers. Get inspired and learn more about different reward models. 


You need to understand how involved systems shall interact to provide you with the required customer data. You also need a solid loyalty platform for accessing, processing and utilizing the customer profiles = Voyado.   

Relevance and personalization

All interactions with your customers must be personal. You have to earn their attention and likes by providing them with relevant information, service, recommendations and guidance. And remember, by building smart marketing automations you score extra points - less manual work and real-time-communication = a win-win-situation! 🏆


Customers leave traces everywhere – both online and offline. You know what products they have clicked on, what they have left in their abandoned carts, what they bought at their last visit and so on. There will be a lot of data to process if you do things right from the start: combine the strategy with technology to access relevant and useful customer data.   


The loyalty program must be established throughout the whole organisation. From top to bottom. Decide who's the loyalty program owner and please avoid silos. The outdated and inefficient inside-out-organization-scheme must forever be destroyed. Instead you need to build a customer oriented organization where departments work together to create a great customer experience. 

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