Sync segments with Facebook Custom Audiences

Here it is! An easy way to target ads on social media and find new customers šŸ¹

Voyado's connection with Facebook Custom Audiences can be used to target your communication on Facebook and Instagram. You can also create "lookalike audiences" and reach out to people that are most likely to become your customers. This is an awesome way to target ads to people that are similar to the ones you already are in contact with - for example your existing customers or contacts from a specific segment. Read more about Lookalike audiences here

Hashed email addresses
The synchronization between Voyado and Facebook is based on hashed email addresses. No personal information is exposed from Voyado.

Minimum match
Facebook will, for privacy reasons, only create an audience if at least 1000 contacts from your segment are matched to Facebook profiles. 

How to sync a segment from Voyado

Setting up a Facebook Custom Audience is very straight forward, and you only need to follow three steps: 

  1. Head over to "Ads" under the Administration tab in Voyado and add your Facebook account (Note it's required to be administrator in FB Business Manager for this step). You will be redirected to Facebook and need to log in. Your Facebook account needs to be renewed within 90 days to allow for further synchronization. It might be a good idea to save a reminder in e.g. Outlook so you don't forget. 
  2. Create a new external audience and select which segment or target audience in Voyado you want to connect. Facebook will synchronize changes within 24 hours.
  3. Your external audience will be available as a Custom Audience in Facebook Ad manager and you create and manage your campaigns, content and budget just as usual.

That is it! Good luck with your social media campaigns!

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