Engage's connection with Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match can be used to target your communication on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Google Search, Google Display Network, Youtube, and Google Shopping. It's an easy way to target ads on social media to improve your return to advertising spend.

Why work with Online Ads?

Savings on advertising spend by pre-filtering

Exclude contacts from campaigns if they are not relevant for various reasons: They are churned since long, they have recently bought from you, or they should be more relevant for another campaign.

Increased sales through highly targeted campaigns

Create specific campaigns to cater to certain areas of interest, which you know your customers have from their purchase history. For example, tennis accessories for those who recently bought a tennis racket.

Efficient traffic acquisition through bid optimization

Adapt your bidding logic, based on what you know about your customers through Engage. One example would be to spend more on a customer with a high average order value or high RFM.

Improved acquisition through lookalikes

Boost your new customer acquisition by automatically exporting your best customers from Engage to the advertising platforms and utilizing lookalike audiences. Read more about Lookalike audiences here.

Read this section for important information on compliancy within online ads.

Curious to learn more?

All Voyado customers and partners can request access to our online training center Voyado Academy where there’s a full course about Engage Online ads.

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