Never lose an opportunity, or customer. Use your data to get ahead.

Voyado gives you the opportunity to do a lot with your data. Whether you prefer to dig in to your data yourself, hire a data scientist or setting up reports locally, Voyado can give you quick access to all the data that is stored within Voyado. However you can also hit the ground running and use the AI-powered analysis and functionality that Voyado has. Below you can see more info about the options.


Doing it yourself: Accessing data

If you want to set up an insight environment which can serve you with data on a low granular level, down to each transaction and email response, Voyado caters for two scenarios: One where you already have, or with the intention to get, a database or data warehouse to which you want to regularly import data from Voyado. The other case is where you wish to establish an insight environment but don’t know where to start.

    1. Grabbing the data from Voyado

      In the first scenario, Voyado can put all changes that has been made to members, transactions etc, on an ftp. You would then get these files and do the operations required to store them in your database. The set-up comes with a cost and resources at Voyado would have to help you get it right. More importantly, resources at your side of the integration will have to get it right on your side too.

    2. Getting the data served

      In the second scenario you don’t have a server with a database yet. If this is you, then you might want to get an Azure SQL from Microsoft. Voyado can use its BI-pipeline to create and continuously update data to your Azure SQL thanks to the shared technology in Azure. You won’t have to worry about maintaining the sync from Voyado. That is all taken care of as well as the obstacle of getting databases and tech-staff to help you set everything up. There is however a monthly cost for maintaining the BI-pipeline.

Getting ahead with AI

Voyado's approach to AI is this: We want to help CRM- and Loyalty managers within retail to reach the goal of getting the right person the right message at the right time in the right channel. A promise as old as CRM but a fairly complex task.

Predictive scoring

By using predictive scoring you can get proactive. You will know if your customer is showing a healthy interest in you, are starting to decline or are on the move away from you. You will see what the expected lifetime is and the Customer Lifetime Value. Voyado tries to predict and learns over time, so that you can get ahead.

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