Testing options in Voyado

Voyado offers two types of testing methods:

A/B Testing

The purpose of A/B-testing is to determine the impact of a small difference in an email message. If the differences are too significant it will be difficult to draw any clear conclusions from the results. Therefore, a good place to start is by testing different subject lines.

Here are some examples of when to use A/B testing:

  • Comparing subject lines
  • Promotions or informative content - what do your customers prefer?
  • Discounts - monetary vs percentage
  • Embedded links in buttons or in text
  • Product images vs scenic images

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Test scenario groups

Use Test scenarios to split a segment in to 2-5 sample groups and perform any test of your choice. Here are some examples when to use Test scenario groups:

  • Test content in SMS messages
  • Test different send-out times
  • Perform A/B/C-tests and have more than just two versions
  • Test different communication channels for your campaign
  • Perform Multivariate tests that include multiple email versions

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