Engage provides a lot of functionality to support a customer-centric e-com experience. Here are some bits and pieces to be inspired by.

Membership recruitment

The recruitment might be the most important event in the relationship with your customer. The online experience should feel just as easy and welcoming as it does face-to-face with the staff in your stores. We can help you set up registration forms and enable online recruitment.

Soft identification

A "click here" or "shop now" action in your emails should be nothing but smooth for your customers. One simple yet powerful solution is to enable soft identification This keeps your contacts identified when clicking a link in an email sent from Engage. They can be automatically logged in on your site, access "My pages" and get a flawless experience through your communication and web.

However, be careful about the access a user is granted by a soft identification link. While a convenient way of identification, a link like this can be easily shared, for example by a user forwarding an email containing the link to a friend.

My pages

Create a personal "My pages" and reflect information from the contact card in Engage. The customer can update contact information, opt in to communication, and change their preferences. Create a playful site with gamification elements such as achievements, personal offers, reward points status, vouchers, and member levels.

Personal offers

A one-to-all approach never will be as customer-centric as a one-to-one approach. With Engage it's possible to create and assign personal offers to your customers and present them on e-com. You decide if the offer should be available online exclusively or both online and in-store.

Content population from PIM/e-com

Work smarter by populating content from e-com or PIM in your emails. Set up a connection to your product feed to automatically populate item pictures, names, descriptions, and prices in your emails. This is a real time saver, but also a way to avoid errors that might occur with manual typing.

Tracking script

Use the Engage tracking script to gain insights about your customers web page activity, and trigger customer journeys based on online behavior. You can also log products of interest and create segments based on online data.

Transactional communication

By sending your transactional communication from Engage you can get the same look and feel through all your communication—from order confirmations to password emails. This will strengthen your brand and give your IP address a higher reputation since transactional communication often has the highest open rate.

Personalized web

Create true relevance with personalized content on your e-com. Use your customer insights in Engage to customize your web based on target audiences or segments. Promote add-on products based on previous purchases and work with achievements and reward points to make your web both personal and fun.

Abandoned cart

There are many possible reasons that can explain an abandoned cart, but a large part of these customers actually plans to come back later to complete their purchase. There's only one problem—they'll probably forget to if you don't remind them.

Ensure sales by tracking your customers' abandoned carts and trigger personalized communication to encourage them to complete their purchases.

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