The importance of email marketing efficiency

Email marketing is still one of the most important—and efficient—marketing channels. When performed well, the campaigns will bring a high ROI thanks to both low costs per contact and high hit rates.

To achieve a good profit and continued email efficiency, you must always strive to be relevant, and improve your communication continuously by implementing a test strategy. By doing this you'll increase opening rates, CTR and conversions.

Customers who open email campaigns tend to be more profitable than those who don't. Hence, implementing a process for maximizing opening rates is a great idea.

Although you've understood the importance of testing your email marketing campaigns, the activity might have ended up at the bottom of your to-do list due to lack of time. But testing doesn't have to be time consuming, and ultimately, it's worth the time spent.

Test definition

Testing is fun, interesting and easily performed. You'll realize that there's so much more to learn about customer behavior and preferences, and testing will soon be a natural part of your strategy.

You might be tempted to implement a kind of ”super-efficient” strategy where you test a million things at the same time. By doing so, however, your strategy is everything but efficient, and your test results will be invalid.

To carry out tests correctly, you need to isolate one single variable at a time. If you want to test different subject lines, only change the subject line, and let the rest be equal. How would you otherwise know which parameter that affected the results? There is one exception to this called multivariate testing, which you can read more about here.

Want to get started? We've put together some inspirational examples of what to test. It's time to become an insight driven brand who understands your customer even better than before.

Next step: Your guide to conducting successful tests

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