Customer identification gives you the edge and opportunity to stay relevant for your customers. To follow up on the value that your department delivers, we recommend that you set up KPIs that clarify the goals.

In Engage, these follow-up opportunities are offered:

  • Register status (Number of contacts, amount of communicable data)
  • Financial key figures (average purchase, average receipt, frequency of visits)
  • Channel engagement (who shops in store, online or in both?)
  • Send-outs (opening rates, clicks, response and additional sales)
  • CLV (requires at least 24 months of transaction data)

Read more about our standard reports here.

Control groups

To measure the effect of your communication, we strongly recommend that you always create a control group when sending both emails and SMS. Thanks to the control groups, you can measure the difference between customers who have received the communication, versus those who did not.

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