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It’s well known that it is usually far easier and costs less to get repeat business from existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. Thanks to customer lifecycle marketing automation you can reward customers in real-time, on their conditions. We’ve put together some inspiration about what to fill the processes with.



First impressions last. Set up a warm and welcoming process. Turn new customers to recurring friends by confirming their choice of reward program, repeat your offer and inspire them to visit you again. Welcome them in your preferred channel and consider available customer data when addressing them. In this stage you probably already know their name, gender, age and where they live. Use the information to get personal. It can be as simple as exposing different pictures to women and men in welcome emails.

  • Welcome including onboarding voucher
  • Reminder of voucher redemption
  • Repeat your value proposition
  • Reward program
  • Product warranties
  • Supplementary product information
  • Product recommendations


Once you’ve onboarded your new customers, it’s soon time to pay attention to them again. Their next visit (and purchase) are of high importance for your future relationship. There’s a correlation between a revisit, and long term profitability. Now you really need to address the customer with relevant emails (or text messages depending on preferred channel).

The process can be divided in segments such as

  • First time buyers
  • Vouchers
  • Product recommendations
  • Repeat the value proposition
  • Inactive customers (have previously been active, but for some reason haven’t purchased the latest 6-9 months)
  • Abandoned carts

Retain and reward

After approximately 6-12 months you’ll have a pretty good picture of your customer segments. Do your outmost to keep them in this stage, where profit and brand loyalty are built.

Suggestions of triggers for different segments or activities:

  • Top spenders – reward them! Attention must be payed to these contacts, regardless if you have an official reward program or not. Top spenders deserve personal recognition and special offers or services
  • Next best spenders – a group with high potential since they show a clear interest in your products. Pay attention to them, and try to increase their engagement
  • Selected products
  • Product care
  • Supplementary products
  • Warranties
  • Time to refill
  • Campaigns with additional point accrual
  • Reward programs
  • Close to next award
  • Close to down grade
  • Close to next voucher

Win back

Sometimes customers move from active to inactive. Do your best to understand why they haven’t visited you for a while. Is it because they have moved, are in a new life stage, are dissatisfied with quality or service? Regardless of the reason, these insights will help you improve and adjust to attain an even better customer experience.


It might be hard to face that some of your customers won’t come back. It’s time to say goodbye. There’s no point in keeping them in your database, since their inactivity will lower your KPI:s and your efforts won’t result in any positive results. Before closing their account we recommend you to inform them about the exit and welcome them again, if their situation changes.

Time to get started!

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