Getting started with Marketing Automation

How to build successful Customer Journeys 🗺

Identify customer touch points in all channels, from an unidentified to a known contact, and automate everything from on-boarding activities, such as welcome emails, to abandoned carts to win back communication. Target people based on their online and offline behavior, the stage in their customer lifecycle, preferences or other available data.

The purpose is to optimize engagement and keep them active by providing customers with loads of love, inspiration, guidance and surprises. 

Focus on initiatives that make your customers love your brand and keep them coming to visit your store, online or offline. Brand loyalty doesn't come for free, you must always strive to exceed customer expectations.


How to get started

1. Create automation maps for:

  • On-boarding activities – from an unknown to a registered member
  • Activation – motivate the customer to visit you again
  • Reward and retain – engaged customers must be rewarded
  • Win back – don’t give up, there’s always a chance to motivate the customer to come back
  • Exit – you can’t win them all. Don’t be a sore loser, and make sure you say goodbye in style

2. Define objectives, target group, preferred channels, content, call-to-actions and offers for each process

  • Define KPIs and ensure measurability
  • Set triggers and splits in each process, and remember to ensure that required data is available
  • Start creating your content and build workflows that proactively meet your customer in their terms

The most successful marketing automations are clever and relevant. To start with you must ensure that you have targeted and personalized content in place, which might be the most time-consuming part. But when you’ve done your homework, implementing the processes will be very straightforward.

🏛Rome wasn't built in a day but focus on getting started and continuously broaden and improve the journeys for the customer. We also recommend you to check the automation occasionally, since content, pictures and tone of voice will sometimes require updates to be aligned with your business objectives.


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