Integrating Onsite Messaging to an e-com platform

There are “out of the box” connectors available for integrating Onsite Messaging to platforms such as Hubspot, Centra, Adobe Commerce/Magento 2, Shopware, and BigCommerce.

The connectors are straightforward to set up and you can most commonly find documentation on the respective e-com platforms’ websites describing how to generate/find the credentials, such as API keys and access tokens, needed.

Connecting the Onsite platform to communicate with the database in Voyado Engage and your e-com platform in real time enables several functionalities, including member signups onsite or in a physical store using QR codes. It also creates a user account on the website and triggers a verification email. The email allows the user to verify their email address and choose a password.

Another example of a feature utilizing the real-time connection is Reach Ability. This real-time consent management feature checks whether a contact is reachable as soon as they are identified on the website, such as by logging in. If they are not reachable, it triggers a well-timed question asking them to update their consents.

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