Integrating Onsite Messaging to Voyado Engage

Connecting the Onsite platform to communicate in real time with your contact database in Engage is easy and fast. Complete setup of the fields and settings described in this article and the systems to connect the systems.

Voyado Engage API key

Enter the API key from Engage in this field.

Voyado Engage Domain

This is the domain of your Engage environment, i.e. If you’re setting up a site for a staging environment, it may look like this:

For some tenants that have been clients of Voyado for a long time, it may also look like this: and/or

Store External ID

This field should be mapped to the appropriate Store External ID used for the website in Engage. This will be the default Store External ID set if nothing else is set on campaign level. The campaign level setting for Store External ID is very useful when setting up onsite campaigns for physical stores, which is covered in more detail in the articles about campaign settings.

Country Code

Decide which country code will be set by default on contacts entered from this site.

Enable Voyado Automations (for email and SMS send-outs)

With this setting enabled, you can set up automations for sending emails and/or SMS messages to your contacts through Engage instead of the Onsite platform. This is highly recommended as it’s a better end user experience, makes all communication trackable in Engage, and so on. There’s more information on send-outs in the campaign configuration article, but in short, any campaign has the ability to trigger confirmation and reminder emails to be sent to the user.

Interaction Name

Custom interactions can be automatically registered on contacts entered into Engage using this setting.

Interaction ID

This setting is related to the setting above.

Add custom field

With this feature you can add an unlimited number of custom fields and values that should be automatically added to the contact cards of any contacts registered on the site in question.

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