Introduction to Onsite Messaging

Voyado Onsite Messaging lets you interact with your customers and website visitors, enabling different types of campaigns and personalized promotions directly on your websites.

With well-timed pop-up campaigns you can accelerate your growth by increasing new leads and adding valuable customer behavior data to Voyado Engage. Speed up the growth of your contact and member database and improve your conversion rate by tapping into new channels to engage users through referral widgets.

The Onsite platform comes with real-time connectivity to Engage and other platforms and is built especially with omnichannel retailers in mind. Through the real-time connection, the platform can also be utilized for innovative consent handling to keep reachability high among your existing customers.

Onsite Messaging is implemented by adding a few scripts to the website; the rest of the setup is done directly in the platform. It communicates in real time with Engage as well as other platforms, enabling better user experiences and personalized responses. Using Voyado's tracking scripts, different setups can be tailored for different users, creating a more personalized experience on your website.

If you don’t have access to Voyado’s Onsite features already but are curious to get started, reach out to your Account Manager or sales representative and they will be happy to help you.

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