SMS bounces and unsubscriptions

Sometimes your send-outs fail to reach the relevant recipients. Other times your recipients decide they don’t want your messages anymore. There could be several reasons why. Here’s an explanation of the SMS send-out bounces and unsubscriptions that you might run into in Engage.

SMS bounces are categorized as either soft or hard:

  • A hard bounce indicates that the recipient number is invalid and will be blocked from further communication. These numbers are displayed in red with a strikeout.
  • A soft bounce indicates a temporary issue in delivering the SMS message. Such issues could be caused for example by problems in the mobile phone operator's network, recipient's mobile phone has been switched off for a long period of time, SMS inbox of the recipient's mobile phone is full. A soft bounce does not result in a blocked mobile phone number.
  • 5 recurring soft bounces (over 90 days) will result in the phone number being blocked for further communication. When this happens a log entry will be added to the contact card on the Change history tab.

Unsubscribing (opt-out)/Resubscribing

A contact will usually unsubscribe from communication by clicking a link in an SMS or sending an SMS with a keyword like STOP. A phone number belonging to an unsubscribed contact will be displayed in black with a strikeout.

An administrator may opt-out or opt-in a contact by checking or unchecking the relevant checkbox on the contact card of the contact. Make sure to always have explicit consent before opting-in an opted-out contact.

Removing a block (hard bounce)

You can manually unblock a phone number on the contact card. Simply click Remove block below the number field.

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