Extended AI is an Engage add-on that gives you access to an AI analyst and advisor in your reports. It adds the "Insights with AI" button to certain reports to grant you extra insight. 

The "Insights with AI" function will consider the data in the current report and answer questions like:

  • How is a KPI calculated?
  • What is the overall analysis of the report?
  • Which send-out has performed the best?
  • Which store would be best to launch a campaign in?

Note that dashboards do not have the "Insights with AI" option and some reports cannot be interpreted by the AI and so will not have the option either.

To use insights with AI, navigate to a report and select “Insights with AI” in the top right corner:

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A chat window will now open up, allowing you to communicate with the AI agent.

If “Insights with AI” is not visible, then this either means you do not have the Extended AI add-on or that the current report simply does not support the "Insights with AI" option.

If you wish to enable Extended AI, talk to your Voyado account manager.

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