Set up an automation in Engage based on current interest

Since Current interest is current, short-lived, it’s a good idea to act on it as soon as the interest is detected. One way to do that is to set up an automation with the trigger Scheduled selection.

The entry criteria include start time, contact segmentation, and start frequency.

  1. Set the automation to run once per day, starting the current day.
  2. Segment the contacts on current interest, such as a specific occasion. Also, make sure to only include contacts that accept email by selecting "Reachable by email" under "Channel status".
  3. Finally, set the start frequency to once per 30 days to not spam the contacts.

When the trigger is set, it’s time to create the flow. Make sure that you have created all content beforehand, for example, emails curated for the selected occasion.

  1. Click the plus sign below the entry trigger, choose "Activity", and then "Set label".
  2. Select or create a descriptive label to set on the contacts included in the flow. Labels facilitate tracking the contacts and assigning them to different communication.
  3. After the label, click the plus sign again and then "Send email".
  4. Click "Create new" and then Copy an existing email to add your saved draft.
  5. Click the plus sign below the email and select "Trigger" below "Splits".
  6. Set the trigger to wait for two days for a "Product purchase".
  7. For contacts that purchase within two days should, remove the label. For those that don’t, add a Condition. Select Any [of the following criteria] and then set “Receipt date the latest 7 days” and “Email clicked: [previous email]”. These conditions filter out the contacts that clicked the first email but didn’t act, or that have purchased recently anyway. This is to avoid spamming these contacts.
  8. For contacts that fulfil the conditions, remove the label. The remaining contacts should receive another reminder, and then end the flow after another two days.


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