Glossary for Assisted targeting

Below is a list of terms you'll see in the area of targeting and segmentation in Engage.

Assisted targeting: An expansion of Engage's targeting/segmentation abilities, assisted targeting offers the older way of targeting along with a powerful new way to compose segments, using AI and advanced analytics.

Browser: This is the section of the targeting tool (the whole left-hand side, basically) where building blocks are browsed, viewed and configured before they are added to the composer.

Building block: A building block is any filtering condition you can apply to your customer database to reduce (or expand) the current segmentation. Building blocks can be data-points, like in the segmentation tool (example: people over fifty), or tactics from the new assisted targeting tool (example: people who probably would not buy product X), or target audiences (example: people with a birthday today). Putting it another way, a building block is anything in the Targeting UI with the Include, Exclude and Require buttons.

Composer: The area (to the right of the browser) in the targeting tool where you add and remove building blocks to build up your segmentation.

Composer sections: The three areas in the composer, one each for Include, Require and Exclude.

Condition: A filter criteria used to create a segmentation, and so a kind of building block.

Filtering tool: The old segmentation tool in Engage can be found under this new menu option.

Label: A standard Engage label which can be applied to all customers in the segmentation you create in the composer. Once a customer is given a label, they will have it until it is removed.

Segment: A group of customers created from the rules defined in a specific segmentation. Always created on-the-fly when needed. Sometimes known as "saved segmentation".

Segmentation: The set of rules used to generate a segment. This is what you build in the composer.

Segmentation tool: The old way of creating segmentations, using data points. This will be renamed Filtering tool in the Engage UI for merchants who currently use it, and removed entirely for new Engage users.

Target audiences: These are user-defined groupings of customers recalculated on a fixed schedule (every night is standard). The members of a target audiences can therefore change from day to day, but during that day, until it is recalculated, a target audience will be the same no matter how often it is used.

Targeting categories: The menu options offered in the targeting tool (Products, Transactions, Lifecycle, etc.) Basically, they are a way to group building blocks that have a logical relationship to each other.

Targeting tactics: At the core of assisted targeting, these are prepackaged targeting solutions, some based on AI. Each of the targeting tactics offers premade groups that can be used as building blocks in the composer.

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