The composer is where you build up your segmentation.


It contains three sections:

  • Include: Every building block added here includes a portion of your total customer database. This means the first one added will decrease the customers in the selection (since by default we start with all customers), but every additional one added will increase the selection again.

  • Require: Only customers that match this condition will be included in the selection. Note that one one building block can in this section and you will not be allowed to add more.

  • Exclude: Every building block excludes a group of customers from the selection. Additional building blocks added here will exclude further groups, making the selection smaller.

An example of how this works:

  • You start off with all customers in the selection (which is the default).
  • Include all customers who like dogs. The selection decreases.
  • Include all customers who like cats. The selection increases since it now consists of those who like dogs as well as those who like cats.
  • Require customers who've purchased in the last week. The selection decreases.
  • Exclude those who live in Norway. The selection probably decreases.
  • Finally Include those with children. The selection probably increases again. 

Building blocks are added by pressing the respective button on the building block in the browser.

Once added to the composer, building blocks can be dragged and dropped between Include and Exclude, and removed entirely from the composer by selecting the "X" button on each one.


Remember that Require can currently only hold one building block at a time.

By activating the "Limit" toggle you can limit the segmentation to a specific size.

Saving your segmentation

When you are finished adding building blocks, select "Calculate" to see how many customers are currently in the segment you've created (this number will probably change a little every time this segment is calculated).


You can see on the icons how many of these customers are reachable by email, SMS and post.


Roll over the information icon to see more detailed numbers.


If you're happy with your segmentation, you can select "Save as..." to save it.

Under the "Actions" menu you can also add a label to the customers in your segment.



Depending on where in Engage you use the Targeting tool, you can get additional information on reachability in outbound communication channels, and sometimes explanations of underlying rules and segmentations already made due to restrictions and rules for a particular channel. For example, the exclusion of all contacts without phone numbers in the SMS send-out flow.

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