To help you get started with the new targeting tool and assisted targeting, here are some common questions:

Can I expect the building blocks from targeting tactics to be visible in reports?
No, not out of the box. But you can add your building block to the "Include" section of the composer, or a composed target group as a Target audience, which some of the reports do filter on.
How do I use the new targeting tool for toggling email modules on and off for personalization?
At the moment it's not possible to access the new targeting interface in the email filters. This will come later. However, you could save your current segment in the Targeting tool and then use that when designing your email.
Can I use an existing segmentation as one of the building blocks in a new segmentation?
Yes, you can re-use saved segmentations and put them in any of the composer sections – Include, Require or Exclude. This comes in handy if you have some base conditions that you always use for your targeting which you just want to add more things on top of. Remember, though, that you might end up with a messy, recursive Russian doll situation if you keep on saving new segments that include already saved segments.
What are the advantages of assisted targeting over the old segmentation tool?
Easier to work with, fewer clicks required, more flexibility, quicker start-up, and precision only when it's needed.
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