Voyado Academy course: Evolve with Voyado

When you’re running both Voyado Elevate and Voyado Engage, you get access to the Evolve features which are unavailable in each individual product. In the course Evolve with Voyado, we introduce you to the capabilities and use cases that the two products can solve together.

Evolve with Voyado explains the capabilities and use cases that Elevate and Engage can solve together:

  • What Evolve is about
  • Available features
  • How to create target audiences in Engage
  • How to create boosts in Elevate
  • Examples and use cases

Voyado Academy is available to all users—customers and partners. It’s packed with useful courses guiding you through different features to support you in how to achieve desired outcome. If you don’t have an account yet, you can request access via the form here.

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