Value splits in abandoned browse automations

The abandoned browse automation is used to communicate with customers who have browsed products but haven’t added anything to the cart. Adding a value split means you can set up a single automation and cater for multiple use cases.

Language value split

By adding a language value split you can set up a single automation to send communication in each contact's language and get a total overview of statistics from all languages in the same automation.

1 Language value split.png

Top web category value split

By splitting an abandoned browse automation, you can for example use curated emails for your most important web categories to create a more personalized and relevant customer experience. The Top web category is the web category with the most product views from the abandoned session. The web category is included in the product view event and set by your site/e-com.

2 Top web category.png

In this example, the automation will be triggered when a contact is abandoning their session, and next the flow will be split based on the most important top web categories to send emails tailored for those.

  1. Create a new Abandoned browse automation.
  2. Set the entry criteria. For this example, the session should contain more than 2 product views.

    3 Start automation when.png

  3. Next, click on the plus sign below the trigger and select Value split. This brings up the Value split panel. Select Top web category from the Create split based on drop-down.

    4 Value split trigger.png

  4. In the Value (optional) text field, add the first category and click OK. Click Add to add a second category and change from Equals to Contains if your web category is merged into breadcrumbs with multiple layers.

    5 Add category.png

  5. Now add activities, such as custom emails, to each branch of the workflow, and finish by saving and activating the automation.
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