Technical changes to Online Ads due to Google consent requirement

Google is making changes to their API and in conjunction with this, Google reminds its users of its consent requirements. Please read Google’s consent policy and this Help center article on compliance with Online Ads.

The legal requirements are not new, but the technical changes are. In short, Google will now require every batch of contacts to transfer between Engage and Google to come with an explicit consent, please read the information on Google Ads Developer blog.

Since Voyado Engage's Online Ads is relying on the integrations toward Google, we need to make corresponding changes to comply with those changes.

As a customer and data controller, you are responsible to make sure that you have explicit and valid consent under the GDPR and applicable legislation for the processing of each contact included in the transfer. Please note that Voyado does not make any controls towards whether you have actually obtained such consent. According to our agreement however, you are responsible to comply with applicable legislation and to ensure that you have a sufficient legal basis. This is also a requirement due to Google’s user terms. Voyado accepts no responsibility or liability for ensuring that valid consent has been obtained and as stated in our terms and conditions, you are responsible to follow any third-party terms.

The changes will result in an additional step being included in the set-up of external audiences. In order to limit the number of faulty transfers and to remind you of your obligation, we will prompt a warning in the step where the customer is to save the external audience, reminding the customer to check valid consent for all contacts in the segmentation.


Do I need to obtain new consents due to this change?

If you already are collecting consent for transfer of personal data to Google and targeting for advertising purposes, you do not need to obtain new consents. Please see our existing guide on this subject.

What do I need to do if we do not collect consent for this processing?

If you currently are not collecting consent, you need to start doing so to comply. If you need assistance setting up consent registration forms, SMS-flows, new consent fields, campaigns for obtaining consent etc. please contact your account manager that can direct you to our customer development team.

What will happen with all previous set up external audiences toward Google?

They will continue to be transferred to Google, but with the technical flag that all the contacts in the external audience are consenting to the transfer. If you wish to stop the transfer due to adjustments in your consent handling, you can delete the external audience in Engage. Note that you still want do delete the already transferred contacts or the whole audience in Googles ad account.

Are the Online ads external audiences associated with our Meta (Facebook) ad providers affected?

No, not technically. They will continue to be transferred, synchronized nightly. We will prompt to inform you of the need of legitimate consent for all in the external audience included contacts prior to saving and creation at the ad provider, regardless of ad provider.

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