Number of purchasing customers overview widget

Populate your Engage dashboard with widgets visualizing the relevant data and set the filters and layout for easy comparison of the numbers. This article is focused on the widget Number of purchasing customers overview.

The Number of purchasing customers overview widget provides an overview of the count of purchasing customers within a specified time frame.

Widget settings

Title [User-defined Title]

Enter a distinct name for this widget reflecting the specific analysis of purchasing customers within the defined period.


Select the timeframe for the report. By default, it displays data for the last 30 days, providing insights into the count of purchasing customers during this period.

Contact Type

Choose a specific contact type for analysis. By default, data for all contact types is included, offering a comprehensive view of purchasing customers across different contact types.


Choose the country for which you wish to view purchasing customer data. By default, data for all countries is included, offering a global perspective on purchasing customer trends.

Target Audience

Apply filters based on specific target audiences to refine the analysis of purchasing customers. By default, no target audience filter is applied, providing an overview of overall purchasing customer count.

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