Attributed revenue overview widget

Populate your Engage dashboard with widgets visualizing the relevant data and set the filters and layout for easy comparison of the numbers. This article is focused on the widget Attributed revenue overview.

The Attributed revenue overview widget visualizes attributed revenue based on specified attribution settings.

Widget settings

Title [User-defined Title]

Enter a unique name for this widget that describes the specific attributed revenue data being visualized.


This setting allows you to choose the time period for which you want to view attributed revenue data. By default, it displays data for the current month.

Attribution Setting

Define the time window for the attribution calculation. Read more about the model here.

Attribution Model [User-defined Attribution Model]

Select the attribution model that defines the rules or algorithms used to assign credit for revenue across send-outs in Engage. Read more about the model here.

It presents a graphical diagram illustrating attributed revenue based on the chosen period, attribution setting, and model.

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